A Writer’s Reflection

I never put much thought to an English/Writing class as an architecture student – what it means to me as an artist/designer. My previous studies and writing experience has helped me to write freely and love the freedom of expression. I had so much confidence in my writing and always wanted share. The passion that I developed for writing was obvious and much to my surprise only became greater during my studies as an architecture student. Never would I have thought taking a writing course, as a design student, would help to further develop my skills by writing creatively with purpose and structure.

There are very few things that inspire and solidify my passion for designing architecture and one of those things are who I do it for – the purpose. Much like in writing, there’s a purpose – a reason to speak up and speak out. How I deliver it is dependent on how engaging the writing is; creativity and structure have helped me to understand that. I’ve always thought that in architecture, creativity in writing gets thrown out window and focuses on strictly facts, but I was wrong and learned that very quickly. My mentors, coaches, professors have taught me the importance of being a reputable, creative artist who can eloquently speak of her designs through writing – whether that be for my personal use or in my professional environment. Being able to purposefully write, and structurally well while at it, evolved my writing to a place where I am always conscious about what the reader wants and knowing how to deliver it.

What I learn from fellow artist students and professors continues to surprise me even when I think it will not. My English writing course has pushed my capabilities to where I almost felt challenged. I was challenged in a way that would use the skills I already had to hone and develop them even further to become a great writer. My writing will often, if not always, be challenged – questioned on purpose and structure – and that is okay with me. My main concern and one of the best things I know and can be sure of is that my creativity will never be taken away – something I have been grateful to learn, understand, and wonderfully accept.


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