It’s 10:20, my head hits the pillow, I say a prayer, close my eyes and nothing. I open my eyes and I’m wide awake; I’m tossing and turning, thinking.

Theres something about hoping into bed to go to sleep and wander off into dreamland that prevents me from actually sleeping. I’m thinking of today, thinking of tomorrow. My dreams and aspirations grow bigger and bigger; stronger and stronger. My mind is ticking. Innovation creeps and I cannot control any longer. I can feel it, I can see it, I can taste; and boy does it taste sweet. So close, yet…not so far away.

The mind can be our own worst enemies; or it can be our greatest partners, life changers. What we choose to think about, will effect our actions and decisions. The way we think. The way we walk or talk. It has the power to destroy or create. How you envision your future will determine your thinking. What goals have you placed in your mind, your heart? Are you hungry for it? How bad do you want it? If you have an idea – write it down, record it, draw or map it out. Whatever you do, don’t lose it! Once you have a good hold of it, act on it! Never let it go!

You are equipped for greatness and one cannot achieve what one does not dream, believe, and strive to be. I truly believe that. So while, sometimes at night, I don’t fall into a quick slumber I’ll keep on thinking and dreaming of the bigger and the better. I’ll put it into words, songs, drafts, paintings, stories – because I believe I’m closer than I think.

– S


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