Mind, Body, Soul

What are you feeding your mind, body, and soul? Take the time to reflect on the things you’ve allowed to enter into your life. What are you in control of that you can change for a better you? We are our own greatest enemies, but what if we change the way we think? What if we change our habits that bring out the worst in us? What if we start with the simple things, like remembering the good things in our lives or just simply thanking God for opening our eyes in the morning and reveling in the glory of another day and His existence?

When we start to allow positivity and thankfulness into our lives, we then become our own greatest supporters. The ones who believe in someone so strong it attracts and draws others looking for a ray of hope into their lives. That’s you! What if someone guaranteed you could have all of your hopes and dreams come true for you and your loved ones tomorrow if you start to become your own greatest supporter and trust yourself today, would you do it?

The mind is a powerful tool. We start to think it; therefore we start to believe it. What we feed it, becomes all that we know and if it’s not what we hoped, we dread it; or we can change that and make it something to begin to look forward to. Anticipation so strong and powerful within us, we begin to feed on it, sleep thinking about it, breathe life into it, and start living it. So, what are you feeding yourself today? Do you see destiny through the trials and the naysayers, through your own negative thoughts; or do you see no way out? It’s your mind, body, and soul; you are what you eat, so what are you going to feed it?


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