Ready or not…

Have you ever thought the things we want we haven’t received because we’re not ready? God is always and still molding us and maturing us and we’re so eager and don’t know how to be contempt in discomfort that we obsess on the things we want and don’t even know we’re obsessing. If it’s not in our lives yet, it’s because we’re not ready. God doesn’t make us go through hoops and fire for the things he already prepared for us. When it’s ours to be, it’ll come so easily you won’t even know how to believe it yourself let alone anyone else believing. I only speak from experience and going back and forth with my relationship with Him. When it does come, I always think wow “I was not ready for that had I received it a year ago or two years ago” You and I are a lot alike whether you believe it or not. Of course not in our personalities but in our stories and emotional trials. Each day that goes by and the older I get, there’s a “test” in front of me. Hate to call it test. An opportunity for me to grow and mature, and I’ve seen how important and valuable building relationships are in this growing and maturing. If I can’t learn to do that with those who are already part of my life – family, friends, coworkers, etc. –  then I am still not where God wants me to be to, where overflow of blessing can come into my life. At the end of the day, the blessings He gives are not yours to keep. We’re on this earth, blessed to be a blessing to someone else. If I can’t do that in my low, then there still plenty room to grow.


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