Who’s Your Push?

How great is it to motivate one another and share our journeys – good and bad. Marvel in the victories and teach others how to get there. On instinct, we tend to relate more to those who are experiencing similar journeys, which help alleviate the insane feeling of being all alone. If you, for once, get yourself out of that state of mind and begin to understand that what pushes us out of comfort zone and into our victories and successes is surrounding yourself with not only those who have “been there, done that”, but the ones who have survived; the ones who have come out much stronger and confident, successful and fruitful in life – and I’m not just talking about possessions – they’re happier after all.

I’ve learning to be very much less judgemental of those I may call lucky or fortunate. Life seems to be perfectly orchestrated for us to be so focused on nothing but success without realizing the journey it takes to get there. I’m learning to listen before I can even formulate an opinion in my brain. I’m learning from those who I’ve chosen to surround myself with. They become, not only my mentor, but my friend – and how great is it to have a friend to share your journey with.


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