The Un-invited Friend

I was taken out of something so familiar and put into new territory that ate me alive. I was chewed up and spit back out into the unapologetic world that I thought I’d once mastered. It was a rude awakening, but nonetheless a much-needed wake-up call. As sat there in front of my computer, feeling that warm, salty liquid trail down to my lips once again – “What was happening?” I thought I had figured it all out. It was gut-wrenching and tormenting me in so many ways. Never have I felt so stuck between a rock and hard place. I wanted to give up so much at that point. How could this be happening to me again? Time and time again – it seemed to never end. What a vicious cycle. I was living in Murphy’s Law. Every little inch forward seemed to have propelled me fifty steps back. The feeling was unbearable, but something happened. A little voice inside told me, “go ahead, have your cry. You were made and are destined for greatness though, so when you’re done, I’ll be on the other side ready to strike the ground and conquer.” Whoa, what a revelation. I was done, tired of the tears and fearing the unknown. I wanted what was out there for me, even if that meant being thrown into unfamiliar territory. At least it was something new.


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