wildest dreams.

be warned,

He may show you more,

more than you could ever think, imagine or hope for

like a seed planted, its roots dig deep

grabbing hold of the earth beneath it

claiming territory, only to rise up

from out of the ground

you cover many parts of the earth

was once desolate ground

open your heart to that possibility

and watch the relationship with Him grow

– S


What Being Open Taught Me

“We don’t always get what we want, but we always get what we need. Our job is to learn to trust and be ready and open to receive.” – Dai

This teaches me to let go of something that may hold me back and instead be accepting of new ideas, opportunities, environments and to take chances. Personal life and job industries are always changing. Even if I must learn to adjust at first, there is always something positive I can take from this changing experience or give back to and I can always use that something to be an advocate. Everything else may change around me and I may not be able to control it, but the ability to use my voice does not.



I told myself that I’d be okay, that I was okay. I was convincing everyone including myself. The denial became too great – I believed that God would pull me out of this ditch. Reveal His glory to me. I believed that He would show up in miraculous ways. Put a stop to the vicious cycle that became my life. Words and thoughts said otherwise. Threw my confidence and trust across the room. Hit the mirror and shattered me to pieces. With nothing left in the moment. Eyes depleted and dehydrated. My mind and fingers became a slave to the letters before me. Forming words they only knew how. Expose the lie I’d convinced myself of. Repeat the words on my lips. Studying a Foreign language. Unfamiliar, hard to grasp. I believed that God would pull me out of this ditch. Reveal His glory to me. Make me new, make me whole. Words and thoughts said so. My confidence staring right back at me. Words glaring. Telling me that I’d be okay, that I am okay.

– S


What a trying time for me. The Universe flipped me on my head and said, “it’s sink or swim now. Don’t f*** it up!”. I must be doing something wrong. It’s living in Murphy’s Law over and over again. Some days are good. I wake up, read a word, say a prayer and feel encouraged. Ready to conquer and work. Other days, I feel like I’ve been beaten up in my sleep. I wake up physically and emotionally drained and defeated. Ready to stay in bed, scream and cry all day. I needed a change. I needed an out. An S.O.S. So I broke free and it let me go. Gave me freedom. Now somewhat limbo, but it’s freedom.

– S

Book Publishing. Some great tips on writing cover letters, covered here!

Publishing Interns

HOO BOY. This is a big one. Don’t feel like you need to read this all in one go, but think of it like a master list of resources to check if you have any doubts. I’ve also had a little help from my friends, who are both amazing and far more knowledgeable than I:

  • Sarah Fortune, otherwise known as the worlds youngest publishing manager (24!!) and the person who inflicted me upon John Blake Publishing.
  • The amazing Lydia Gittins, press officer from Titan Books and all round superstar.
  • Fran Roberts, marketing machine at DK, SYP extraordinaire and owner of the worlds best floral skirt collection
  • And finally I also have special permission from legendary publishing rockstar Sam Missingham to include her #CVLetterTips, so watch out for those!


Making sure your cover letter is effective is a huge pain in the ass, but…

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The Un-invited Friend

I was taken out of something so familiar and put into new territory that ate me alive. I was chewed up and spit back out into the unapologetic world that I thought I’d once mastered. It was a rude awakening, but nonetheless a much-needed wake-up call. As sat there in front of my computer, feeling that warm, salty liquid trail down to my lips once again – “What was happening?” I thought I had figured it all out. It was gut-wrenching and tormenting me in so many ways. Never have I felt so stuck between a rock and hard place. I wanted to give up so much at that point. How could this be happening to me again? Time and time again – it seemed to never end. What a vicious cycle. I was living in Murphy’s Law. Every little inch forward seemed to have propelled me fifty steps back. The feeling was unbearable, but something happened. A little voice inside told me, “go ahead, have your cry. You were made and are destined for greatness though, so when you’re done, I’ll be on the other side ready to strike the ground and conquer.” Whoa, what a revelation. I was done, tired of the tears and fearing the unknown. I wanted what was out there for me, even if that meant being thrown into unfamiliar territory. At least it was something new.