A friend and I were reminiscing about high school. It seems long ago, but we remembered so much of it crystal clear as if it were yesterday. What did we talk about? Our teachers. They were just that to us then, our teachers. Talking about it now, they are so much more to us. We remembered the ones who taught us about everything, the ones who made us laugh, cry, encouraged us to keep our head held high even when life hit us, molded us into who we are today. It was amazing to me the little details I was able to recall. As a college student, I know and understand the importance of education in my life. Growing up, I didn’t realize or value that importance. As I see my nephews and niece go to school now and I talk about education for them with my siblings. It’s important more than ever to me now that our kids today receive the best education for their future. For the future of our society. These kids will be our future leaders, designers, innovators, world changers, and so much more. What they teach children and young adults will forever be remembered. It’s important that our educators know how important they are – so thank you. We value your time, sacrifice, dedication, and passion. heart emoticon 



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